Saturday, October 27, 2018

Picking up the '88 Honda VF750C V45 Super Magna

Here are pics from the road trip to pick up my '88 Honda V45 Super Magna.  I took my truck and single axle trailer because I didn't want to take the chance that Murphy would ride with me on an attempt to get the Super Magna back to Columbia.  This was a "learned from hard experience" reaction when I buy new toys that are used (let alone over three decades old).

One thing I did notice was that the hydraulic clutch had started to give out in that it started to basically not work like it was supposed to ... like it needed to ... so it was some effort to get the bike up on the trailer.  The clutch reservoir "eye" looked dry so I stopped at Autozone along the way home and bought some DOT brake fluid thinking that I could do a quick fix for the clutch.


I used my Smith and Wesson multi-tool to remove the reservoir cover only to find the clutch reservoir almost empty.  Even when I filled the reservoir back up with fluid, the clutch would only barely operate so I resigned myself to the fact that there was probably (a lot of) air in the lines and that was just something else that my trusty Honda dealer would have to take care of. 

After getting the Super Magna back to Columbia, I left the bike on the trailer to take it to my Honda dealer on Tuesday (closed on Mondays).  After dropping it off, I looked forward to having the bike back once the dealer had gone through the bike from front to back, changed all the fluids, the plugs, tuned the bike up and done anything else that was needed on the bike.

I'm at the age now where I'm willing to pay someone else to do work for me on my toys if it means I get to spend more time with my family.  The money I put out to get the dealer to get the bike ready for me to ride is far less than the value of the time that I'd have missed working on the bike and not taking that time to be with my family.

My partner in adventure, my 15yo daughter Amanda Catherine, doing the driving chores because she wanted to drive the truck/trailer rig up there and back with me to get the '88 Super Magna.

Daddy / daughter time.  My time with my daughters is limited and precious ... I don't waste it when it's given to me. 

Yeah, she's mine.  She likes driving too much not to be mine.Enjoying being chauffeured around by my daughter.  It's times like this, when we're alone together on one of my adventures, that we really get to talk and bond.  I live for those moments.

The '88 Super Magna, cleaned up, with the rear Hondaline sissybar and passenger seat installed by Steve per my request.  It just makes the bike look better ... kind of like a rear spoiler, IMHO.

About to load the Super Magna on the trailer and secure it for the 90 plus mile return trip to its new home in Columbia, MS.
All loaded up and ready to go.

The setting sun on the way home.  It's been a day ... a good day.

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